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[Resolved] kick <player> with reason?
is there a way to kick a player via rcon and to provide a reason rather then the simple: Kicked by Console? Or am I going to have a to install some Mod for this?
I have never found a way to have a reason with rcon. You will probably need mani-admin or sm.

To my knowledge you can't kick a player with a reason. You can try rcon_kick "id" "reason", however I'm certain they will get the generic kick message and not your custom one. As ZeroX said, you should look into something like Mani-Mod or Sourcemod
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rcon kickid "id" "your sentence for your reason here"

That works I have done it many times.

Banning that way doesn't work though :\
Wait, does this actually work? I didn't think you could do it with srcds.
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rcon kickid #id aimbot

Works/worked on my server.
It's clearly built into the game since a mod wouldn't be able to sent a message to a client without a way of doing so. Therefore there has to be a way of doing it via SRCDS without a mod. I haven't tested, but what champ and others have posted should work Smile
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Thats it!!!

kickid < userid | uniqueid > { message }

No need for Quotes ""

Both examples work:

kickid 11 Please do not swear
kickid STEAM_0:1:223 Please do not swear

Thanks a lot guys!
Oh sweet, I will make note of this Big Grin
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I have always put quotes maybe that was the problem. Helped me Wink

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