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Steam+srcds=no connection/rcon-no connection.
Hi everyone,
i'm hosting a CS:S server on my computer. I'v downlaoded it from hldsupdatetool. When i'm trying to access steam (turn it on) i'm getting an error message that i don't have an internet connecetion. And when i'm trying to connect torcon via game client or hlsw i'm getting a failing message. I'v got a clean server which is running in a console. I was able to connect to rcon before. I'v changed nothing. I'v tryed to turn off firewalls. What's the thing? Thanks.
Please copy and paste the error.
Also please post the command line.

Try this in your server.cfg

rcon_address "YOURIP+PORT"
ip "YOURIP"(No port)

Try port forwarding 27000-27050 UDP and TCP.
rcon_address "YOURIP+PORT"
ip "YOURIP"(No port)

Tryed my lan ip and external one, rechecked ips and ports. Forwarded 27000-27050 ports too (before was 27011-27030) TCP and UDP.
Error message appears in the console:
unable to resolve connection to... Same as in client. And HLSW failed.
And yes, i'm not a noob, i'v restarted server everytime for security reasons.

About the steam error is...

Could no connect to Steam network.
Either the Steam network is currently not running, or your internet connection is down.
Please check your internet conenction and try again.
What is your command line?

Add this to it if not there.

-port 27015 +ip IPWITHOUTPORT
[Image: facepalm.jpg]

replace the text "IPWITHOUTPORT" with your IP address of the dedicated server, don't just copy things word for word.
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Don't host and play on the same pc. And you must always use your internal IP, as the server itself can't communicate with its own external ip Wink
Yea, i know. But i can communicate with your internal IP. That's how i connect.
I'd love host my server somewhere else, because i'm good at it, but it costs. I'm 18 years old, i don't have money for such things. So no choice. And other servers s***s in some way or another.
I'm getting a message with my external ip as +ip:
couldn't allocate dedicated server UDP port. But it's opened actually.
P.S. i'm not so stupid, i know i need to change that. -.-
As internal IP no one can join my server except me.

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