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kind of odd problem?
alright, well i posted previously about my server not working, well i got that fixed.. and people can connect to it, and it shows on the master server list and everything like it should. but i can't connect to it under the lan section.. it says theres no servers there? if i add the internal ip into favorites it shows up and i can connect, so its not a big issue, just wierd.

another thing is, i can't connect to it via hlsw. when i type in the rcon password and verify it or whatever it says it faild, and the console section of hlsw it says,
15:08:09 HLSW ERROR: Connection failed (A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond. )
and thats trying to connect to the internal ip.. i even tried to connect to the external, and it does the same thing. which i thought it would, but yea. it was worth a try i guess.

any input? please
no one has any ideas? hmph

also with the server.. i have it running as a service.. so it auto starts at boot.. well i can't have it do that. cuz if it does that, NO ONE can connect.. not even me on lan. even if i restart it or anything, i have to disable the autostart, restart the computer, and then start the server.. and it works fine.. or atleast with the minor odditys stated above.

ANY ideas would be GREAT, thnx

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