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[HELP] CS 1.6 in Linux
hay guys im new to this forum..n im from india 17 years old..

recently i bought a dedicated server(CS 1.6 NonSteam) which is hosted in linux..
problem what i hav is i dnt kwn to modify the server using linux(ex add maps/cfg etc) coz i zero knowledge in now the server running in 500-700fps(fluctuating) hw to get it to consistent 1000fps...
#2 (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)

for the first....try this it works for hlds too. There are a lot of posibilitys this is one of these...
I wouldn't mess around putting in a new kernel since you're new to linux, and the fact that you probably wouldn't understand half the english throughout the howto tutorial.
thats also true ... but if he want to get better results ... he has to do that.
learn linux first :-) (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
Do not ask technical questions via PM!
I configurated a kernel in first run? Wink
(With some help thogh)

And I am not sure about 1,6 supports 1000fps. Isn't it only like 100fps?
its not the same. the gameplay is not good.

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