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Looking for a client checking plugin

I'm looking for a very basic plugin that just checks and fixes basic client commands like the rates and cl_interp etc...

I run a server for competitions here and without AMX and so forth anymore I'm battling a bit. I've tried MaNI but there is just too many other nonsense settings that is pointless for me and it takes to long to go find every config for them.

So if anybody knows where I can get a basic plugin like that for my SRCDS then I would be really greatful. Any other admin that runs competitions would agree with me that you don't need the other nonsense on your server except the basics.

you might want to try the CAL server plugin; however, I don't know what variables it checks and locks. Otherwise, it might be possible to use Mattie's event scripts plugin, and create a custom script that looks for and keeps client variables at what ever you set them to.

CAL Server Plugin
Mattie's Plugins

Other than those two above, I don't know of anything that can do or might be able to do what you are looking for.
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Mattie's EventScripts with forcerates scriptpack installed will do the job Smile
i found it. i think your looking for CSP 1.1

thats here: but you have to go under divisions and go to counter-strike source (subtitle is main) and then when your there.... on the right there is i hyperlink to files and then when that loads up the file is CAL Server Plugin 1.1

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