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Server Capacity (Again...)

I'm building a new server and are just wondering how many TF2 servers this setup should hold?

The server will be on a 25Mbit fiber connection and we are planning to use Windows Server 2008 R2 (Windows 7 based) as OS.
You will probably be ok with 26-32 66tick slots per core with that configuration.
Save money, get a cheaper power supply, You don't need much power to run that 8200, + your motherboard is too over priced for what you're going to use it for, get a cheapo $50 motherboard.

Meh, if you're going to run it on fios I hope you like downtime...
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loopyman: Okay, I have changed the PSU to a 400W Corsair, wich is about $17 cheaper. I have problem finding a cheaper motherboard that has 4 RAM slots and support 1600Mhz FSB. I have planned to Overklock the CPU, so I don't want to use the cheapest crap I can find. Total price is about 450 USD.

"Meh, if you're going to run it on fios I hope you like downtime... "

What do you mean with "fios"?
Home connections are'nt reliable, and the performance is simply not there. It is that simple lol.
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Trust me, the performance in exists in that connection (it usually perform 25-50 Mbit), and it's absolutely reliable enough. Especially considering the price difference compared to renting servers.
Home Connections, including FiOS, are not as fast as they usually go through several hops before they get to a major bandwidth pipe. Hops = Ping. Expect +15 ping or so on all people connected from being in a good datacenter.
Sorry, forgot you're running in Europe, probably Germany or something. BUT Home connections do not have the best connections for servers as they are sold for internet browsing and internet fucking around which doesn't imply crucial bandwidth and up time... Data center bandwidth is much more expensive BUT is considered some of the best bandwidth available as you are probably renting from a Tier 1 provider as when home connections, you're probably at Tier 3.

And for overclocking, I don't advise that for servers because of the higher cost and the low level of gain... I build Q8200 systems with 4GB RAM at $380 each and they perform great. All I'm asking is that they last a year, and hell all the parts in each one have at least a year warranty.

IF you want to use DDR3 RAM to support higher speeds, get a Core i5 motherboard / processor because they compare to a Q9300 in speed and processing ability and in the future you can upgrade to a core i7 or whatever better is out there using the same socket motherboard.

But meh, we all have our personal preferences, but if you're going to run a server like that I don't advise a home connection. Even some of these fiber providers have a limit in their TOS on monthly usage, so watch out, Even though you can hit 25mbps up/down your companies TOS might imply that you're only allowed to use 200GB per month... Check that out, I know some American companies do it.
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I have tested a bit with traceroutes from the server location, and I haven't yet seen a ping over 5ms within the ISPs network, mostly the ping lies on 1ms for the ISPs nodes.

FYI: We currently have one server that is hosted on a 16/2 Mbit ADSL connection, and there's rare with people complaining over the ping

btw, This isn't any 24Mbit ADSL line that only made for Internet browsing. It is an 25/25 fiber connection that is made for hardcore torrentseeding. Big Grin
Meh, I'm American, what do I know right?
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