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Can't connect to my server
Hey guys,
I have a problem with my srcds.
Commandline C:\Programme\Valve\HLServer\orangebox\srcds.exe -console -game tf -maxplayers 12 -tickrate 33 -ip -port 27015
Nobody can connect to my server. Im sitting behind a router. Whats my fault? Do I have to put my external ip addresse somewhere?

Ports are forwarded.

I would recommend using the install from rather than using the Steam tool. That's a great way to get rid of a lot of these issues. Also make sure your firewall allows SRCDS.exe.
I used the the Hlupdatetool to install my server. I dont use the Steam tool. Do have to set the commandline like : -ipSadexternal ip) or -ip(internal ip)?
Set your -ip line to your internal IP, and like I said before, I would turn off your firewall for testing this.

Also, do you run any other software firewalls on your computer?
I use a DMZ on my router and i tested the ports with the tool. It says that port 27015 isnt open but port 27016 is. Would it be helpfull to set the port -port 27016? firewall is disabled
Try it if you want too, it wouldn't do any harm.
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