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Port changes constantly
Please excuse my bad english, i'm from Austria.

My Problem.

I have a PC with 2 networkcards, on one runs the dslmodem, on the other a second pc with the srcds.
When i start the server i have my normal inet IP but the port changes constantly with every restart.

i hope somebody can help me
mfg Kill me if you can
try putting -port 27015 in your shortcut to srcds were you put the -game cstrike +map de_dust etc.

You can replace 27015 with another port if you'd prefer.

That should sort your problem out.

I have 2 PC's, one of them have 2 NETWORKCARDS.
He is conected (via Neitwork)with another PC (on this runs de srcds).
Intern i have a Port 27015, but extern the port constantly changes.
could you post your command line in your srcds shortcut so I can see what is written in their because you putting -port 27015 in this line should not allow it to change any port.

Also how do you know the port has changed has someone told you or is it showing in the console. If its showing please post screen print of your server showing this so I can take a better look.

The fact that your computers are connected like that shouldn't really matter however you could also try just connecting the server to the internet directly and just see if that makes any difference.
I have soluted the problem.
When i started CS:S first, the game takes the port 27015, so the srcds takes another.
When i start srcds first, it takes the port 27015 an the game another.#
THX for you're help
Glad you got it sorted mate. Thats interesting though that you can't start the game first.

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