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Linux Box Optimization
Hi guys,

I have been running a small Australian based gsp for a while now, and I have been using some pretty dodgy kernel tweaks trying to get my servers to run as stable as possible and retain a constant 1000fps (or close to it.)

My current hardware consists of:

Dual Intel Xeon 5520
24Gb DDR3 Buffered Ram

which i have multiples of so I know it is more than powerful enough to handle a bit of heat.

I was told by a friend there are interest based businesses that will do some tweaking and optimization for game server boxes.

I was just wondering if anyone knows any, or has had some experiences with some of these companies and could recommend one.

Vijay Pather - Forged Hosting.
The fps is calculated by how accurate gettimeofday is, plus the quality of things like your timecounters. The linux binaries of source etc are not optimized as well as their windows counterparts. Maintaining high FPS on x86 is nearly impossible, due to a bunch of reasons.

Tweaking a kernel is a fictitious statement, removing unused code doesn't make it run any better unless you're paging to disk due to the lack of memory. In the end, you have to fight with the design shortcomings of x86; or you could try and lie to the engine about how long a usleep(1000) is supposed to sleep.

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ok ... i understand this kind of .... ? but how ? ... i and the other are interested to try some tests. the most guys writing a lot of them .... but noone tells us how ...

Monk > i askd you about your script which you had shown on your page...but how can i use this? is that for 1000FPS or only for optimizing the system? thanks for help ... or not?
perfect ... everytime the same .... noone ist helping... or giving some information ... i know that the most dont want to give there perfect libs or anythink > but i dont want the script or lib .... i want to know where do i have to read some articels about that ... which information do i need to understand it...i dont want the solution ... i can find the way by myself ... but i need help where i have to start.
You need to understand how the game interacts with the OS, what syscalls do what, and optimize the code paths inside the kernel. Avoid using libs (LD_PRELOAD stuff sucks anyways and it's a hack). You will need knowledge of C. I understand you are somewhat angry because I won't give you answers, I used to be nice and help people, but then those same people I helped turned around and used what knowledge I shared to make money without giving me credit; Never again.
I will also say I've completely eliminated the game from syscalling at all, and I have a 32 slot server using up 12% CPU on a single core2 quad.. runs at 1000fps 99.4% of the time. because there's no stepping into the kernel anymore.

Feels good to have a large pub server run at quake 3 CPU usage on modern hardware.


“The two most common elements in the universe are hydrogen and stupidity.”

I was kind of hoping for someone to offer their services (paid of course) as I personally don't understand any of this.
Sombody was offering them earlier, search some other linux optimization posts.
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I offer them.

“The two most common elements in the universe are hydrogen and stupidity.”


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