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[L4D] High Ping for everybody, sometimes

Since few days, I saw sometimes players's ping growing to ~1600ms, during 5 or 10 seconds, everybody !

Not at every campaign, it happens sometimes...

Any reasons ?
I have read about DoS attack ? Humm!
Can you give more information on the server? Shared hosting? Ran on a dedicated server?

Thanks -Christy
Home server, unbuntu 9.04 desktop with lastest updates.
CPU AMD 2.2Ghz Barton
1.5Gio ram
Kernel not tuned.
1024 upload 8000 download
15000 up rate in server.cfg

This home server dedicated is working without any problem from several months.
Always coop, 8 players with some Sourcemod plugins. Tryed to disable 1 per 1 those plugins, without positive result.

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