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Someone hacking my server
Hi, some people hacking my CSS server like this: link removed.

Can u help me, i dont know what to do.
i confirm :/ it's work -.-
Plz dont link this !
i tryed with dos fixer, but nothing, how to block?:|
i need to know how or what they did?
Link was removed...
Then they use this, rcon_password %N 1000000000 and 2 more commands, my server down, i can say, most of all servers turn off.
I would recommend turning off RCON if this is becoming an issue for you. Simply don't set a rcon_password command in server.cfg to disable it Smile
I had some one hacking my server using rcon, even tho i had a crazy password, 30+ chars alphanumeric. Any ways, i noticed they used like 50 tryes before they got it cracked or what ever they do, so i put the sv_rcon_maxfailuers to 1 and sv_rcon_bantime 99999999 or something. (Think that is the name of the commands)
Any ways, it worked.
The server crash when it ban the user .... :/ so sv_rcon_maxfailures 1 is useless :/
If you use a ban or kick on the server the exploit will be ok .
If you start the server without any kick or ban not permanently the exploit don't work .
I had people hacking rcon when I used a mani plugin, I switched to sourcemod and never had a problem since.
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