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segfaults two day in a row
11 october
Oct 11 17:52:35 c-94-255-210-250 kernel: srcds_i486[29736]: segfault at 616db26e ip b79036b8 sp bfff7f30 error 4 in[b7651000+33c000]
Oct 11 17:53:21 c-94-255-210-250 kernel: srcds_i486[29785]: segfault at 128 ip b78cb134 sp bfa700e0 error 4 in[b78a3000+97000]
Oct 11 17:55:32 c-94-255-210-250 kernel: srcds_i486[29837]: segfault at 68635f72 ip b7de87e2 sp bf937060 error 4 in[b7d78000+155000]
Oct 11 17:55:49 c-94-255-210-250 kernel: srcds_i486[29867]: segfault at d ip b7f997e2 sp bf8e8820 error 4 in[b7f29000+155000]
Oct 11 22:35:16 c-94-255-210-250 kernel: srcds_i486[2428]: segfault at 0 ip 00000000 sp bf91a05c error 4 in srcds_i486[8048000+e000]
Oct 11 22:35:40 c-94-255-210-250 kernel: srcds_i486[2472]: segfault at 6c61746c ip 6c61746c sp bff996dc error 4

After that il did an upgrade and started srcds again. The server worked fine, no trouble at all. No lag, no issues at all. Then bam again when i comes home from work i se the below

12 october

Oct 12 17:44:05 c-94-255-210-250 kernel: srcds_i486[6274]: segfault at 0 ip 00000000 sp bff3a67c error 4 in srcds_i486[8048000+e000]
Oct 12 17:44:28 c-94-255-210-250 kernel: srcds_i486[6314]: segfault at 28 ip b7e607e2 sp bfdaf4e0 error 4 in[b7df0000+155000]
Oct 12 17:54:53 c-94-255-210-250 kernel: srcds_i486[6367]: segfault at 72696164 ip b7f387e2 sp bfd874b0 error 4 in[b7ec8000+155000]

what should i do. The server is currently offline. Dont want to bring it up before i know the solution.

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