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Can't connect to my server
Yeah, neither me or my friend can connect to my server.
It tells me it can't connect in 4 retries. my ip is, if that is for any help. I hope you can help me, I'm kind of raging because of this Toungue
Oh, and it sometimes tells me that the server isn't running when i try to change the map. but it doesn't connect even if it is running.
Are you behind a router? What is your startupline?
If your connecting using that IP... Then you wont be able to connect due to most probably your router does not support loopback... so you will need to use your internal IP such as 192.XXX.X.X or something like that or 10.XXX.X.X. Hope you can now connect but remember to port foward (NAT) using UDP port 27015 for internal and external... Now to find out your IP, you need to go to Start > all programs (or programs) > Associories > Command Prompt > then type ipconfig. Now it should tell you your (internal) IP that you need to enter for the destination of where the port is coming from. Save those settings then get your friends to connect through

Hope that helped

Thanks; Zorro aka Jordan

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