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Help to test server
Hi everyone, I have managed to get my server up and running and I think its all ok but I need a few people to go on at the same time to test it and make sure it will run ok or if I need to change anything inc. hardware in the pc.

the server address is

any help is appreciated...

Thanks in advance
Sorry if anyone tried to connect tonight, we had power cut and I didn't realise that of course a power cut means it will shut down my server pc to.

Its all back up now if anyone wants to test it and give suggestions, would be good if a few people can arrange a rough time over the weekend to go on at the same time to test its performance.

do u still want some people to test ?
Cutloose Big Grin
Yes please I have had a few people on but I don't know when or if it was at the same time so would like it still testing.
lol.. i ran around in it for a little.. seemd a bit jumpy to me. kind of a high ping though.. no one else was in it. maybe try this guys guide it helpd out my computer a lot that runs my server. i have been kinda keepin an eye on it.. if i see anyone in there ill join if i can.
Thanks a lot, i'll have a look at that I'll be on it myself later on hopefully. do you think I should enable a couple of bots incase people go on and no-one else is?
i would.. cuz as it looks no one gets to ur server at all.. so maybe like
bot_quota 4
bot_quota_mode fill
bot_join_after_player 0
something like that... so that way theres always atleast 4 ppl in the server, a lot of ppl don't take a second look at a server with no one in it. and the good thing about that is... when ppl join.. the bots go away! cuz who likes bots?

ill have to check them cvars real quick to make sure i did it right.. ill update this if there wrong.
I have added the 4 bots and that seems to work well. just need to get people on now, I will be adding more RAM to the server to which should help with smoothness, it runs smooth on mine and my girlfriends pc but we are connecting through lan so I guess that makes a difference.

But anymore suggestions are appreciated.
Custom maps also help bring in players, but be warned that they can cause server crashes.
AND if you run custom maps with bots on... MAKE sure you have ALL the nav files... them are a pain in the butt, and the last thing you want is to have a server full.. but when it changes map, at first it adds bots, and then has to go through the whole process of generating the nav file. and everyone leaves.. soo yea. other then that.. just try to play as much as possible on it... that will be the best way to get ppl in.

also.. you might just wanna make sure too.. that if you don't have fast downloads.. try and keep the file sizes down... no one wants to dl a huge map in trickle.
Ok thanks for those suggestions I am looking to get some custom maps on either tonight or tommorrow, some surf maps and scoutzknives things like that.

Two things you should have for a great server...

.res files! So your clients get EVERYTHING

sv_downloadurl! So your clients dont have to WAIT! Cuz no one likes to wait...

Thats about it.
DarkZealot89 Wrote:.res files! So your clients get EVERYTHING

yea.. forgot about that one.. no one wants to play a purpal and black checkerbox map...

now if only resgen would work for source so i could put all the maps up without res files, cuz im NOT gonna start searching through all the materials looking for what maps need...
Was thinking of adding the zombie mod to the server what do you guys think?

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