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some help please?!
alright, i think this is kinda weird, but i have this source dedicated server and everything, right. i have ran it forever with no problems at all, then i format the computer running it, it was sluggish, and had a bunch of old crap that did nothing but slow it down. but anyways.. i reinstall everything, everything works great (everything being-srcds/mani, pyshostats, apache, mysql, php, activescript perl, mean server loader) thats all thats on this computer at all, it has xp pro servive pack 2, firewall is open to the server. and the server has ran fine for almost 2 weeks, but now all of a sudden, this morning i can't connect to it.. its on my home network, so router ports aren't the issue (i have double checkd there all forwared right anyways) and then i type status in console, and see that its even insecure(it should be secured!) so i restart the server, watch console, and it loads up, i type status right after it gets done loading, it says everythings ok, and its secure, but then it says cound not estabolish connection with servers blah blah blah and vac mode is disabled.. theres a screen shot of that. everything seems to be workin fine as there are 6 bots in the server... just no one can connect. i tried restarting the computer a couple times, since windows sometimes does weird things like that. i restarted the server a coouple times, added -sport to the cmd line for the vac port and set that at 27016 and opend that port as well. still nothing, any ideas?
it should work, it has been working fine for the past week, and there have been no updates at all installed, nothing has changed on the computer since it has workd... so im lost.

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the ip to the server is that will direct you to the external ip of the computer, since its a dynamic ip and changes every so often.

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