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Weird Problem
i've recently started hosting a garrysmod server from a home internet connection, and i was having a horrible experiance with joincrashes(lua string table overflows) with spacebuild 3 up until recently when i removed our ep2 content. but another issue just popped up. after awhile of moderate player traffic my clients start to get stuck at retreiving server info, they say it will just spin around and around until they disconnect. i have confirmed this aswell over lan. the only thing that fixes it is a server restart but it does not trigger server checker to think its down. i have my ports forwarded right and i't obviously not my isp because i confirmed the issue over lan. google has nothing on this, only on crashes at retreiving server info.

server is a laptop with a core2 duo t5300(1.73Ghz) 4GB ddr2 and gigabit ethernet running windows 7 professional x64, xp professional x64, or windows vista home premium 32bit.
currently running srcds on vista.
connected to the router over 10/100 LAN.
ports forwarded.
[Image: Untitled.jpg]
Router is a Netgear WNR834B running DD-WRT v24-sp2 VoIP as the DHCP server.
2nd router Linksys WRT-300N v1 running DD-WRT v24-sp2 VoIP as a DHCP forwarder.
Laptops internal static route IP is
External IP is
on a Road Runner Cable connection(2mbit up 35mbit down)
my startup commands are
C:\srcds\orangebox\srcds.exe -console -game garrysmod +map sb_gooniverse +maxplayers 10 -tick 33

my server.cfg is
    "hostname"        "Drake's Build Server"
    "sv_defaultgamemode"        "spacebuild"
    "sv_lan"                       "0"
    "sv_maxupdaterate"                        "33"
    "sv_minupdaterate"                         "15"
    "sv_maxcmdrate"                            "33"
    "sv_mincmdrate"                      "15"
    "sv_send_resources"                        "1"
    "sv_tags"                         "drake"
    "sbox_allownpcs"                     "1"
    "sbox_maxprops"            "200"
    "sbox_maxragdolls"        "200"
    "sbox_maxnpcs"            "10"
    "sbox_maxballoons"        "200"
    "sbox_maxeffects"                     "200"
    "sbox_maxdynamite"        "200"
    "sbox_maxlamps"            "200"
    "sbox_maxthrusters"        "200"
    "sbox_maxwheels"                      "200"
    "sbox_godmode"                      "0"
    "sbox_plpldamage"                      "0"
    "sbox_playergod"                      "0"
    "sbox_noclip"             "1"
    "sbox_maxhoverballs"         "200"
    "sbox_maxvehicles"         "200"
    "sbox_maxbuttons"                      "200"
    "rcon_password"             "***"
    "sbox_maxwire_thrusters"                  "200"

its a semi private server with constant administration.
its now stable but no body can join after awhile.
i have the latest ulx admin mod if that is relevent.
any help will be appriciated, thank you.

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