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Server not working??? Need Help
I have set up my server and it runs ok, I can get into it through lan but no-one else can. Its registered to a dns host and all ports are open because on the server pc i opened from port 2 to 65000 and something.

My server is

I put the above address in my server config but without the port on the end would that have anything to do with it.

Anyone got any more idea's the server is running now if anyone wants to try it.
I can see ur server. I wont try connecting though since I'm pinging it at around 300 (I'm in Hawai'i)
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Oh right thanks a lot wonder why it wouldn't work last night.
You've got an numeric IP too, or is that the only IP you've got?
My numeric IP is dynamic so it changes constantly hence the dns address which always points to my current IP address even when the IP changes so its the only way I can keep the server at the same address so people will hopefully return to the server.
yea, but i know like with mine if ppl connect to the dns access... or if they add that to there favorites, it just addes the ip address.. which changes, so when it does. it still shows not responding... is there any way to make it so that just the dns name is shown and saved...
I didn't know it did that, its a bit of a kick in the teeth.

I don't know of any way to just make the dns save as appose to the IP but hey i'm new to this server stuff!!
atleast im pretty sure... cuz that would be awesome if there was a way to set it up so that even if somone was to randomly join the server, and type status in console to see the ip and add it to favorites, they seen the dns name, not the ip. cuz soon im also gonna relocate my server, the dns name will follow, but the ip will be completly different.

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