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How to host two SRCDS on one computer?
I can make it so that one is vac secure, but the other never is. Never, I've changed the clientport, the port, tv port, etc, only one is vac secure, help please.
first sever is port 27015
second server is port 27030
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(10-02-2009, 03:51 PM)Mooga Wrote:  first sever is port 27015
second server is port 27030

I tried 27025, but that didn't work. I'll try 27030, but I get the SourceTV error, so what port do I make +tv_port? If I don't want sourcetv, what do i set it to do remove it?
You have to have source tv, I am pretty sure. I would try 27035 as a port.

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Honestly I have never had this problem before, but all my servers I have ever hosted never go through any sort of NAT but rather just local firewalls which I have to add entries for.
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Try spreading your ports out a little further apart. I only had this happen once or twice to me. Most of the time steam had issues, restarted the server and waited like a day, and it worked itself out for me.
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