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building and installing a kernel on different linux flavors
In my kernel howto ( some guys changed several times the way of building and installing the kernel for different systems. I am now wondering if this is really necessary. I know only a few Linux flavors, but I know much about Linux in general. In principle I cannot really imagine that there is any need for any special treatment of different linux flavors during build and installation of the kernel.
I think, the "standard way" of installing a kernel:
make bzImage modules modules_install install
should work on all linux flavors. I know it to work on gentoo, debian and suse (+derivatives). And it should also work for redhat, fedora, centos, ..., simply because the kernel sources (and thus the makefile) is being downloaded from and does not depend somehow on the linux flavor. Also the tools (gcc, gmake etc.) are the same (ok, versions might differ, but that's not a problem) on all flavors.

Am I wrong? If so, what are the problems?

It would really be much easier, if I could eliminate all linux flavor specific parts of the howto. I simply cannot distinguish, if those things are really flavor specific, or just some other possibility to achieve the same thing (and only accidentally worked better in the single case of the guy who changed the howto).

Don't get me wrong: I appreciate all help in the wiki. I think it is a good thing if people share their knowledge, so I explicitly want to allow everyone to contribute to the wiki. So this is definitively not a request to contribute less ;-) (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
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compile without modules :-D
I think we have to separate building the kernel and building an initial ram disk... which is btw not required if you use modules. you only need to have all stuff required for boot compiled into the kernel...

no what I meant was the building part itself, for the time being. that should be equal on all flavors, right? (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
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