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Redirect connection.
Ok, this question is not really a srcds question, but is related.

I have a server on a domain at port 27016, so to connect to it i would type connect Is it possible to redirect a different domain i.e. to So when I type connect, I get redirected to

Domains are on different servers.

Help and thanks in advance!
No prob:
Hi thekodols,

Well,I regularly run the mail relay test yo ensure its not acting as a
relay. I though I was using the default SuSE configs and that caused
the problem with the machine acting as a mail relay for similar ip
addresses. mynetworks needs to be defined in the config file to be

I own a few domains, so all the email for these domains goes direct to
my machine and not via NTL. One reason is that there servers aren't
that reliable.


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