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Last Request only on Jail maps?

I currently have a CSS fun server with all kind of maps. sometimes i play aim, bhop, deathrun, mg, jail, surf etc. with my friends. (it's not pub)

The point is, my friends are asking me to get the jail mod (last request). I want to install it, but where do i get it and how do i make it run only for jail maps?

Like, i have it installed, but when i changelevel to jail it's when it becomes active, if i changelevel again to aim_ for example, it unloads.

Is there anyway to do this? thank you.
What admin plugin do you use?

The following plugin is the Jail modification script/plugin.
Hey again real, you always here to help ^^

I'm using beta S hotfix, and eventscripts.

Is there anyway to make it only run on jail maps?

Thank you.
Yes. I guess that "Beta S Hotfix" is Mani Admin Plugin.

So now you want to go into your ..cstrike/cfg/mani_admin_plugin/map_config folder. Create a file called mapname.cfg and then add es_load hosties
(You must make a map file for EACH ba_ map you have).
Yes it is. Thank you VERY much again, realchamp Big Grin

Do i guess the mapconfig file would be like this:

Nevermind. Just found out. Thank you again.
No problem Smile

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