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Glass Maps not working.
I'll try here since the steampowered forumn post that i did DIDNT get one reply.... so here is the same post.

was wondering if any SERVERS out there have maps that just STOP WORKING out of the blue?

we have a dedicated Linux server. Running Mani-Mod. Playing lots of custom and Original maps. After one of the updates.. (maybe DECember or so)... glasstrap_final stopped working. Uploading it again didnt fix the problem. No ERRORS in console when trying to start that map... the server would just crash, and then reset itself back to the default map.

Then out of the blue one day...someone selected the map... and it worked. the next update came around... and boom. not working again..along with "glassfloor_kdr" All this was fine... we just didnt play those maps anymore. Well, i added glassfloor_hammer, and glassfloor_hb_v5 to the rotation, we had been playing them for a while....and now after this past weekend.. THOSE maps dont work. Still no Errors in the console upon trying to start them up.

we do have other glass maps that work fine. TETRIS, glass_flammable, others.....

(no we arent a "glass map" server... just in our loads of custom maps... those are in it)

anyone have any REAL solutions, or possible fixes?

We can play other maps, not a prob. Just a few of those maps constantly brought some good traffic to the server.

to now give some more info. now glass_flammable has suddenly stopped working. I know that the main admins set up server using SRCDS LINUX. I just have remote admin access, i cant see the files from where i'm at. when i had our main admin in front of the actual game server, upon trying to start one of the maps that we KNEW was not working, the admin stated that there were NO error messages.


QUESTION: upon doing a SERVER UPDATE using HLupdate tool...doesnt it verify that files are correct for the server? so after each update, if say a glass texture was missing for some reason... wouldnt it put it back? just wondering.

sorry for a BOOK, but am trying to give as much info as i can.
hmmm, the only trouble I have had with glass maps (glasstrap_final to be specific), was that after a .nav file was made, the server would crash if bots were on the server and map was changed to glasstrap. Deleting the .nav file would fix it.
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I will have them try that from the main server. Its possible that one of the admins tried to add bots in a game.

thanks for the reply & suggestion.


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