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Sourcetv record plugin
At some 1.6 server providers i have seen scripts which acts like this:
When you write "rcon hltv start" to your console, the hltv comes to server and starts to demo. When you write "rcon hltv stop" the demoing ends, and demo goes to internet. Would it be possible to have a plugin like that for source also?
I think that functionality is built into the srctv, at least it was for hltv, so it wouldn't make much sense to get rid of that functionality for source
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Source TV can be used for auto recording

Example srctv.cfg file:

tv_enable 1 //turns it on
tv_name "Source TV" //What the spectator slot name will be
tv_port 27025 //port for clients to watch
tv_delay 60 //delay for proxies to no ghosting
tv_delaymapchange 1 //wait for the delay before a map change
tv_maxclients 30 //max spectators
tv_autorecord 1 //auto records demos of games
tv_relaypassword 12345 //password used for connecting SRCTV proxies
tv_dispatchmode 1 //How to sort connecting clients

I will give more info later when I find the Vavle ERC link to the whole speal for source tv.
but if autorecording on, i get ten minutes of empty demo if i happen to forget something ?
No, atuorecords whatever is happening in the server. It dates it like this:

auto-year/day-time(24 hours)-map name.dem

And will be placed inside the cstrike dir.
say i get this error when trying to play back a source tv demo
Unknown command "demopauseafterinit" anyone know what is up with this?????

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