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here's another one - installing psychostats
Here's another of my tutorials but it is not finished. Only the first part of the tutorial is done the second part i will have ready in my forum in a few days.

In this tutorial i am going to show you how to install psychostats on a linux shared web hosting account without using ssh ( Secure Shell ). Your shared hosting account must have mysql, must be able to run .php scripts and perl.

First you need to download the latest psychostats package from the psychostats website.

PsychoStats :: Comprehensive Gaming Statistics for Half-Life, Counter Strike, Team Fortress and more

On the right handside click to download PsychoStats vX.X - psychostats-nightly.tar.gz ( The X's represent the number for the latest psychostats package that is currently out now ) that's in the orange box called Newest Downloads. Now save the download to your desktop. Before unzipping the ps .tar.gz package create a folder on your desktop then name it "psychostats files" and unzip the files to the new folder.

The tar.gz file containts the following files/folders.


I always like to start an installation by setting up the Mysql database first because i like generating a good password from the built in password generator that's in mysql databases.

Mysql settings...

To create a mysql database read: How to create a mysql database

Uploading files to web host account...

Assuming that you already have a top level domain name with a website already running. You need to know where you would like to have the stats first. Either to a sub domain or use your top level domain name.


or in a folder called stats.


For my test install of psychostats i created a folder called stats and will use "" as my example.

You need to connect to your web hosting account ftp server to upload the files/folders to the folder you created.

You need to upload all the content that inside the upload folder.

At this point you should have all the files/folders uploaded to the web host ftp server to the folder you created.

Installing Psychostats...

You need to point your web browser to the stats installation folder. In my test install i use ""

[Image: welcome.jpg]

After pointing your web browser to the stats /install/index.php you are going to see the psycho stats installer welcome screen. Once you are reading the open source license gpl click the install button to begin the installation of psycho stats and continue to analying system.

[img width=600 height=382][/img]

In the analyzing system page the installation script is checking to see if everything is ok to install the stats page in your web hosting account. If the requirements are not met you will need to contact your web host support and ask them if they can upgrade the require modules.

If everything is ok click on the next button to continue to database setup.

[Image: databasesetup.jpg]

In the database setup screen you need to enter the info that you created in mysql databases. All you need for this part is the dabase name, username, password. Everything else can stay the same. In some cases you might have to change host to the domain name, ip number of where you are installing psycho stats.

[Image: databasetest.jpg]

Before you continue with the installation click on the test button to see if the database info you entered is correct and does not give you any errors. If you see the message "Your dabase settings have been verified!" then is ok to press the next button to continue to initialize database.

[Image: initializedatabase.jpg]

In the initialize database screen you need to select for what game server you want to use ps with. In my test install i did an install for counter-strike:source so i selected counter strike as my gamemod. Once you are done selecting the gamemod for your game server click the Initialize Database button to install the database in mysql database of your web hosting account.

[Image: dbresult1.jpg]
[Image: dbresult2.jpg]

Once the initialization of the database is done "Your dabase has been initialized with default values" you can click the next button to continue to create admin.

[Image: createadmin.jpg]

In the create admin screen you need to create an admin account that will have access to the control panel of paychostats. You can create as many administrators as you like ( but i don't recommend it ).

Once you are done creating an admin account you can click on the next button to continue to setup theme.

[Image: setuptheme.jpg]

In the create setup theme screen you need to install the default skin of ps. If you get a green checkmark that says "The compile directory is writable!" then you can go ahead and click the next button to install the default theme.

NOTE: If you get an x in red letters that means the directory that the /ps_themes_compiled is not writable. You need to make the directory writable first in order to continue.

Once you are done with compiling of the theme click on the next button to continue to saving setup.

[Image: savingsetup.jpg]

In the saving setup screen you need to save your database settings to the config file that's in your stats website. Since you already added the database info to the config.cfg file above. You should see a green checkmark saying "Your database configuration is upto date and does not need to be saved." If you did not do the database part like i mentioned in the "Editing the config.php file..." section of this tutorial. You can copy the settings manually and enter them in the config.cfg file.

Once you are done click the next button to continue to done!.

[Image: done.jpg]

Congratulations you have just installed psychostats successfully on your web hosting account.

NOTE: After you are done delete the /install folder from the ftp server.

Now click on the Finish and goto ACP button to continue to the admin control panel page.

[Image: acplogin.jpg]

Now login with your login name / password to make additional settings to psychostats.

The original can be found here: How to install psychostats

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