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Something Wrong With Many Admin Plugin
Ok hi guys Big Grin
i have installed mani admin plugin..its too easy ,no problems,
but all these months...i had a problem....and i decided to post it here at the srcds forum

I am admin and when i press at Chat (y)
ma_noclip tony (my game name)
its says
Tony(ALL):ma_noclip tony

it just talks to world mod..

i can only use commands from Consol
how can i make it ++ from the chat
i mean press Y to open chat
type ma_noclip tony,hit enter
and then i am at noclip

i cant do that..something is wrong but i have no idea

any ideas?
You have SourceMod on at the same time as Mani Smile
Its @noclip tony, ma_noclip only works in console.
[Image: b_350x20_C002748-004880-FFFFFF-000000.png]
It is ma_noclip user in chat.

@ma_noclip user

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