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Ya, I was wondering how you would go about running admin commands within your own server from the game, can you login. or what?
Mani Admin Plugin:

M-A-P stores all the admin info in a simple txt file. This file contains the steam ids of each of the players you want to give admin control to.

for more info on this easy to set up plugin. Head on over to the forums:
If your looking for the simplest way, use rcon.

If you're looking for the bells and whistles, use a plugin such as dark described.

Personally I use Mani's plugin, because before, there were only about three plugins available, SAP, MAP, and Beetlefart's Mod. I read about too many problems with SAP crashing servers, so I never gave that a try. But I did have both MAP and Beetlefart's Mod running on my server. However, Beetlefart's mod was seriously lacking in linux support. So now I just use MAP. There are a few more now. You can find most of them (or at least a link to most of them) at
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RCON works too, however mine is so darn unreliable :\
Unreliable? Sorry I'm maybe just being nooby, but in which way is it unreliable?

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