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Help me plz..
ok I have been reading the other topic's about this one that i have and none so far have help me so i am hoping someone can give me a answer.
I am trying to make a SrcDs. I have had a 1.5 server and a 1.6 server on the same machine (a while ago). I'm now trying to get my srcds online. i have dled and installed everything from steam and now i have it running. but the thing is it will not show up on my external ip. i have forwarded all my ports that are neccacary to forward. and i have downloaded new firmware (just in case that's wat is way) and stuff like that, and i have also tryed +ip on my shortcut to start the server and it still dose not work.. any sugestions?

ps i can connect to my server through LAN, but no one can seem to find my server w/my external IP.Sad

sv_lan 0 correct?

And you are using the SRCDS dedicated (HLDS update tool) and NOT the steam games one?

Answers those first and then I will be able to help you some more.
Yes, sv_lan is "0"
and i am using SRCDS dedicated (HLDS update tool)
List the ports you've forwarded just in case you've forgot one...
Ports, your router model, and other special network things (like if you are a network with 2 subnets, different internet, or anything else you might find weird)

Also can you post any log files of players connect to your server of both via LAN and Internet.
Ports I've forwarded

UDP 1200-1200
UDP 27000-27015
TCP 27030-27039
UDP 27015-27020
TCP 27015-27015
(i have dmz host activated on the computer that is running the server)

am i missing any?
Try this if you've got XP:

Put +ip <your EXTERNAL IP here> in your startupline (see you've done that allready).
Go to Network Properties (Control Pannel>Network Connections>right click on your main connection>Properties)>click on TCP/IP and then on Properties>Advanced>under the box "IP Adresses" add your external IP.
idk if it will work the same, i have MS Windows server 2003.. do you think it would still work? (at work i'll try when i get home)
MS Windows Server should still let it work, your ports look good.

If you use ip in your start up and get an UDP error, place the ip command in your server.cfg only!
are u on sv_lan 0
Cutloose Big Grin
cutloose Wrote:are u on sv_lan 0
If you were to read the posts fully, you would see that yes, he is running on sv_lan 0...

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