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Engine error: SetupArrayProps
Hello everyone.

For some weeks I did install a Battleground 2 Server with the hldsupdatetool. It worked fine, no problem at all.

Now, some weeks later, I installed it again and now it's NOT working! >=(

As the readmed says:
1.) install TF with the hldsupdatetool
2.) download the BG2 server content and put it to "Srcds_dir/orangebox/"
3.) Start the server!

I've done all those 3 steps, but when I start the server, I get this error:

engine error setuparrayprops_r: array prop '(null)' is at index zero

Does anyone know how to fix this? Someone told me to update the TF content, but it didn't help Sad I can start a TF server without any problems at all. But it's the Battleground that isn't working.

Thanks for any help.
Is BG2 a GarrysMod modification?
realchamp Wrote:Is BG2 a GarrysMod modification?

No. Originally, it's a mod to hl2mp, but now they use the Orangebox and TF engine.
Try reupdate the game.

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