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CS:S Clan Server Stat Database?

I was wondering if it would be possible of having a database that had all the stats of people in my clan that play on my WAR server eg; a table with their name, kills, death, KD, ranking, last on. I want this so I can keep track of people in my clan, and have a clan ranking system. I was thinking it'd be like using MySQL or something.
I could put all these stats into a spreadsheet manually, but it'd be a pain in the ass, and I was wondering if you would be able to do it automatically. I want to put this as a website, so people in my clan can just look at the link, and it'd show then their ranking.

Here's something that i think it'd look like.

[Image: Thing.jpg]

Admin Mod: Sourcemod
Server Type: Dedicated Server
Addons Running Warmod
My Simple-ish guide a CS:S srcds dedicated server

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the idea sounds interesting.. but it only works if all of u are only playin matches on ur server..
i dont know exactly such a plugin... but if i would be u.. i would take a look at eventscripts ;]
i think there are plenty stats plugins.. just customize it.. so it doesnt spam ingame etc..
and for ur website.. u just need a php "script".. that reads out the mysql table . and ur done (:
It's in HlstatsX CE. Just configure it the way you want.
Woah! THanks man, didn't think there would be one.. Toungue
My Simple-ish guide a CS:S srcds dedicated server

[Image: JazzAX1.jpg]

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