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CS:S Deciated Server ERROR! need help fast
Hello, I have set up a WoW server in the past and I sorta know what im doing, I currently would like to set up a css witch I did but only one problem I can connect but it says Server not Responding to other people. It is also located on the lan list when I look and that is probably because its on lan for me. I have forwarded the ports

[Image: 20zwgsi.jpg]

After fowarding ports i have reset my router. I checked if I still have the same ip and I do. I currently have not tested it after that but I doubt it will work. I tried giving someone my external IP but there was no server found under it. And I dont understand why I would even have to give my external IP since its not embedded into SRCDS anywhere. I have set the lan to 0 on the setting.cfg and that is working properly same with the MOTD. I would also want to know how to get the server on the list.

So when people try to connect they get the error server not responding but thats because i gave them my IP since when I added my server to favorites it was listed under that IP. PLEASE HELP ME FAST! If you need to contact me please post here or use AIM or steam.

Steam: Rampage
Remove rule SRCDS
Set friend, gameport, name1, and name2 Protocol to Both.
Also, make sure your local IP has not changed.
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Umm I dont have a firewall on my computer it is disabled and also how do I check that? Another thing what Ip would I give my friends
are you sure is your internal ip ?

if you dont know look for this (the attached picture) when you launch the server.

mine is and my forwarding looks like this: (the second attached picture)

- hope it helped

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need help ? ask someone else !
My server looks like this...

[Image: 243iagj.jpg]
I have changed the ports like you said mooga I need someone to try it though,
i need your external ip to connect to..

You connect to you internal IP

Everybodu else connect to you external IP

Find you IP here

well okay your internal ip is
[Image: 598429334.png]

need help ? ask someone else !
It says it is
okay then your external ip is:

you connect to

everybody else connect to

is the server started?
ill check if it's online ?
[Image: 598429334.png]

need help ? ask someone else !
Im on it right now, so when they want to connect they go to my external Ip? And also tell me if you are able to connect.
You must give your external ip to your friends.

Go into Control Panel -> Windows Firewall -> Off

And eventually your anti virus must be closed.
It is off lol
Rampage Wrote:It is off lol

Start it.
you just said turn it off now you want me to start it??

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