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Hello there dear Srcds helpers
Hello, i wonder if anyof you would do me a favor and get me a good kernel and tweak it to the limits to make my warserver a good stable server with a high fps.

I would be very glad if someone would do it for me since im kinda "green" (noob) at it!

Please pm me! Please Smile^^

Thanks Alot
If you are a noob you can try ubuntu "1000 fps of the box"
I have ubuntu, i just need someone to configure my kernel, somehow i cant make it work:/
did u follow the fragaholics wiki howto?

usally.. if ur new config for the RT kernel is based on an old working one.. it shouldnt be a problem at all.. until u mess something up via menuconfig..
maybe u should try make oldconfig before menuconfig ;]..

but b2t: i dont know anyone actually.. which would spend some time on ur server for free ;] so quid pro quo

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