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lo3.cfg execution
Hey guys,

Just seeing if anyone has any pointers as to why when I try and execute my lo3.cfg file in my server it doesn't work?

If I am in game and I have rcon access and I type in "rcon exec lo3.cfg" i get this error...

Quote:] rcon exec lo3.cfg
autokick is disabled for myUserName
couldn't exec lo3.cfg
L 09/09/2009 - 01:36:05: rcon from "myserverIP:1102": command "exec lo3.cfg"

I can't figure it out. Any pointers??

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you have put it in the Cfg folder right?
As Nisd said, make sure that the lo3.cfg is in the cfg folder on the server. That error means it can't find the config.
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Do NOT put in any rcon sv_ in your config file.
Thanks guys!

I was under the impression they had to go in the "../cstrike" folder? So I should move my lo3.cfg and cal.cfg to my "../cstrike/cfg" folder? I will try that and see what happens.

Also, realchamp, my commands look like this in the lo3.cfg file:

"sv_commandHere" without the rcon in front, that's how it is supposed to be right? Because I remember the template I had DID have "rcon sv_commandHere" but that didn't make sense to me so I took the "rcon" out of the front of the command? Is this correct?

Thanks again for the help guys, I will keep ya posted!

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"../cstrike/cfg" in there. Next to the server.cfg and banned_user.cfg.

Yes "sv_commandhere" WITHOUT rcon infront of it.
Alright, cool. I moved the files, I will check it out when I get to my client computer.

Thanks again guys!

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No problem Smile
Yeah, thats true it should work, may i ask what lo3.cfg you use?

Is it a homemade one or a downloaded one?

If you need a good one i recommend Cevo`s CS:S configurations and lo3.cfg Smile

Good Luck
For HL1 the default cfg directory is cstrike, in css they have their own directory for configs.
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