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Hardware Advice Needed

I'm looking at renting a server and I'd like some advice on how many game server instances and slots I can realistically run.

The specs are as follows:

OS: Ubuntu 8.04
CPU: i7 920 (8x 2.66 GHz)
Network: GigaEthernet (100Mbps guaranteed)
Hard disk: 2 x 1 TB

I will predominantly be running CS:Source servers with various mods installed (ZM, DM, GG, PB). I would also like to host at least 1 TF2 server.

I will most like have a combination of SourceMod, MetaMod Source, EventScripts ES Tools installed.

Thank you for your help.
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Edit: Just realized you didn't have the server yet. Meh. Hopefully someone else that has your CPU can respond.

Probably around 200-260 slots, maybe more. Remember, it also depends on what tickrate and FPS you use.

But the i7 can pull a lot, and because so few people have it (on these forums anyway) we probably won't be able to calculate it.

Create a CSS server, 33tick. Assign it to one core and fill it up with bots (do 32 bots). Calculate CPU usage, so for example if it uses 20% of the cpu then you can fit 160 bots per core, and since bots use more CPU then a player does, your looking at around 225 per core or so.

Then do it all over again with a 66tick server and then a 100tick server. That way you know exactly what you can run for said tickrate.

Good luck!.
Thanks for the response Darksoul. That is very useful information.

I reckon this server will more than likely be sufficient to run what I need as most of my servers will be 33 tick, with only one 100 tick match server.

If anyone else has experience of a similar setup I'd appreciate some feedback as this server will cost $150 for setup so I don't want to waste my money.

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What you want, can that box easily handle x 3.

Plus an advice is to use SourceBans. Good when you've multiple servers.
I got one little node, i think you will have a problem with memory way before you hit a cpu limit. Even if you where running something that takes hell in CPU, like synergy
He has enough RAM to or HDD place to run more than his box can pull.

My 32slots server doesn't even use more than it can't be ran for a week without restart.
(2 servers, 33tick RPG/DM full 24/7)
I'm really not sure how i7s handle SRCDS. And remember that i7s are NOT 8-core but rather 4-core with HT. I'm not sure if a i7 will really give you better performance over a Core2Quad for SRCDS.

I would highly recommend asking the official valve list serv.
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Thanks for all the feedback guys. While I don't know the answer to the core2quad vs. i7 I suspect the overall specs will be more than sufficient for my needs.

If I place an order I'll post back with details on how the server handles.
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i7 is great. It's abit better than quadcore, but the price difference makes quadcore more popular.
i got the same machine as described.. and i am running 7 srcds and 1 hlds.. @ 98 slots.. most of them running mm and sourcemod.. BUT theire all not fileld yet... but running @ 1000fps.. so im lookin for performance.. and not for quantity.. so if their filled and the performance drops.. ill maybe shutdown some slots/server.. but at the moment i cant see that the server performance isnt enough for these servers when their full... :x

but.. if youre running at 33 tick or some thing like this.. u will get many slots out of ur box :]

ps: i hope my post helped.. and u could understand my bad english - im quite stoned now .. so dunno Big Grin
I understood it perfectly and it sounds like the server will easily handle numerous CS:Source instances. I'm going to place an order later this week and post back my findings.

Thanks all for the help and advice.
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