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fps/lag problems
Hi, I am trying to set up my first cs:s dedicated server. I have mani mod installed, and the server is up and runing, but when i get in(no1 else in) i start off with 100+ ping(which eventually goes down) but the screan jerks around like crazy. I have set the fps max at 600 and i believe my tick rate is 33. I also ran wmp with it, and the fps goes from 500+ to almost 0. Any help would be great, thanks.
Now, only when i join the server the fps drops to almost nothing. I am very confused...
Can you post the follow specs please?

System Specs

Network specs

Plugin Specs (Mani, Eventscripts...)
well the system specs would be nice, but i have found that for me, and my p.o.s. 2.4 celeron cpu runnin a server, that runnin fps_max 600 with wmp kinda over kills everything.. and causes more lag, so try setting the fps_max back to 300, closeing wmp, and see how that does.
also server fps is nothing like client fps, my server can be doin 60 fps, but while in my server i can get 80 fps and have super smooth gameplay. usually though my server is at like 90 to 100 fps.

please post your specs though.. as ALL of that could of just been wasted space

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