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Srcds Linux Fuxed upppp
Hej alla danskar och svenskar ett problem här :'( Någon som fattar ett skit?
joachim@linux-h0h5:~/srcds_1> ./srcds_run -console -game cstrike +map aim_ag_texture_city +maxplayers 14 -tickrate 100
Auto detecting CPU
Using AMD Optimised binary.
Server will auto-restart if there is a crash.

Console initialized.
Game.dll loaded for "Counter-Strike: Source"
Using conprintf
Loading Mani Admin Plugin 2009 V1.2BetaS-hotfix-2 SMM,

Interface IPlayerInfoManager @ 0xb6bb37a8
Interface IVEngineServer @ 0xb7461b20
Interface IGameEventManager2 @ 0xb7431d60
Interface IFileSystem @ 0xb7d63220
Interface IServerPluginHelpers @ 0xb745e720
Interface INetworkStringTableContainer @ 0xb743bf80
Interface IEngineTrace @ 0xb7431c18
Interface IUniformRandomStream @ 0xb7442d80
Interface IServerGameEnts @ 0xb6ba2b54
Interface IEffects @ 0xb6b8b830
Interface IEngineSound @ 0xb7465498
Interface ICvar @ 0xb742f000
Interface IServerGameDLL @ 0xb6ba29c4
Interface IVoiceServer @ 0xb74631ec
Attempting to load [./cfg/mani_admin_plugin/language/language.cfg]
Language to be used [english]
Searching for game type [Counter-Strike: Source]
Found gametypes for Counter-Strike: Source
Linux binary @ ./cstrike/bin/
Program Start at [0x8102728]
var_address = 0xb6ada988
Game Type [Counter-Strike: Source]
Message name Geiger index 0
Message name Train index 1
Message name HudText index 2
Message name SayText index 3
Message name SayText2 index 4
Message name TextMsg index 5
Message name HudMsg index 6
Message name ResetHUD index 7
Message name GameTitle index 8
Message name ItemPickup index 9
Message name ShowMenu index 10
Message name Shake index 11
Message name Fade index 12
Message name VGUIMenu index 13
Message name CloseCaption index 14
Message name SendAudio index 15
Message name RawAudio index 16
Message name VoiceMask index 17
Message name RequestState index 18
Message name BarTime index 19
Message name Damage index 20
Message name RadioText index 21
Message name HintText index 22
Sigscan info
A [0xb6909900]
B [0xb673a480]
C [0xb6b8df80]
D1 [0xb6bcb944]
E [0xb6563ec0]
F [0xb6905780]
G [0xb68fe7d0]
H [0xb6852b40]
I [0xb687a270]
J [0xb679b8c0]
K [0xb6868390]
Time for read = [0.001860]
Time for load into structure = [0.001202]
Time for read = [0.000053]
Calculate Stats total time [0.000012]
Steam ID Player Stats memory usage 0.020229MB with 58 records
Name Player Stats memory usage 0.000000MB with 0 records
[EventScripts] Initial Loading of Mattie's EventScripts plugin...
Initializing Python... loaded.
Python sys.path= ['', '/home/joachim/srcds_1/cstrike/addons/eventscripts/_libs/python', '/home/joachim/srcds_1/cstrike/addons/eventscripts/_engines/lib/', '/home/joachim/srcds_1/cstrike/addons/eventscripts/_engines/python/Lib', '/home/joachim/srcds_1/plat-linux2', '/home/joachim/srcds_1/lib-tk', '/home/joachim/srcds_1/cstrike/addons/eventscripts/_engines/python/Lib/lib-dynload', '/home/joachim/srcds_1/cstrike/addons/eventscripts', '/home/joachim/srcds_1/cstrike/addons/eventscripts/_engines/python/Lib', '/home/joachim/srcds_1/cstrike/addons/eventscripts/_engines/python/Lib/plat-linux2', '/home/joachim/srcds_1/cstrike/addons/eventscripts/_engines/python/Lib/site-packages', '/home/joachim/srcds_1/cstrike/addons/eventscripts/_libs/python']
Python initialized.
[EventScripts]   Automatically loading es_corelib.txt...
[EventScripts] Loaded corelib
[EventScripts]   Done loading corelib.
[EventScripts] Mattie's EventScripts plugin loaded.
Loading ES_Tools, AKA NeoWuH. (C) 2006.
Contact The_WuH, - ThewAc.NET : Version 0.420
ES_TOOLS : Server Dir = "/home/joachim/srcds_1/cstrike", Game = "cstrike" Game Index = 1
ES_TOOLS : Using ServerGameDLL006
ES_TOOLS : Reading Info for cstrike, taking stored data from field cstrike
ES_TOOLS : Loaded the config file successfuly from /home/joachim/srcds_1/cstrike/addons/est/est_info.dat
ES_TOOLS : Reading Security key est_MOTD_F
ES_TOOLS : Reading Security key est_OpenFile_r
ES_TOOLS : Reading Security key est_OpenFile_w
ES_TOOLS : Reading Security key est_FileExists
ES_TOOLS : Loaded system protection information from /home/joachim/srcds_1/cstrike/addons/est/est_security.cfg
ES_TOOLS : Got all Filter Index's, SayText-4, TextMsg-5, Shake-11, Fade-12, VGUIMenu-13, ShowMenu-10, HintText-22
ES_TOOLS : Initializing Player Table
ES_TOOLS : Found symbol function: CBaseEntity::Teleport, address: 0xb650e460
ES_TOOLS : Found symbol function: ???Player::RoundRespawn, address: 0xb6909900
ES_TOOLS : Found symbol function: CBaseEntity::Remove, address: 0xb64fcac0
ES_TOOLS : Found symbol function: ???Player::SwitchTeam, address: 0xb6905780
ES_TOOLS : Found symbol function: ???Game::TermRound, address: 0xb686adf0
ES_TOOLS : Found symbol function: CreateNamedEntity(const char *, int), address: 0xb65eb790
ES_TOOLS : Found symbol function: CBaseAnimating::Dissolve, address: 0xb64d6c10
ES_TOOLS : Found symbol function: DispatchSpawn, address: 0xb673dae0
ES_TOOLS : Found symbol function: CBaseEntity::ChangeName(const char *), address: 0xb68fa460
ES_TOOLS : Found symbol function: ITempEntsSystem, address: 0xb6ada988
ES_TOOLS : Found symbol function: GetFileWeaponInfoFromHandle, address: 0xb6852b40
ES_TOOLS : Found symbol function: CCSGameRules::GetBlackMarketPriceForWeapon, address: 0xb6868390
ES_TOOLS : Found symbol function: g_pGameRules, address: 0xb6bcb944
ES_TOOLS : Found symbol function: CAI_BaseNPC::CAI_BaseNPC, address: 0xb63ef420
ES_TOOLS : Getting External Interfaces...
ES_TOOLS : Got Temporary Entities @ 0xb6bc2118
ES_TOOLS : Got Game Rules @ 0x0
*** ES_Tools is running in safe mode! No function hooking will be done.
***To restart in normal mode, restart your server.
Done Loading ES_Tools, Enjoy!
maxplayers set to 32
[EventScripts] Loaded corelib/testlib
[EventScripts] Loaded corelib/interfaces
[EventScripts] Loaded corelib/services
[EventScripts] Loaded corelib/linkedlist
[EventScripts] Loaded corelib/foreach
[EventScripts] Loaded corelib/repeat
[EventScripts] Loaded corelib/average
[EventScripts] Loaded corelib/score
[EventScripts] Loaded corelib/xalias
[EventScripts] Loaded corelib/textlib
[EventScripts] Loaded corelib/playergetset
[EventScripts] Loaded corelib/keyfilter
[EventScripts] Loaded corelib/uniqueid
[EventScripts] Loaded corelib/getbotname
[EventScripts] Loaded corelib/damage
[EventScripts] Loaded corelib/playervar
[EventScripts] Loaded corelib/timelib
[EventScripts] Loaded corelib/sqlitelib
[EventScripts] Loaded corelib/statlog
[EventScripts] Loaded corelib/keygroupsort
es_sql open: :memory: database opened as _keygroupsort_database.
[EventScripts] Loaded corelib/keygrouprand
es_sql open: :memory: database opened as _keygrouprand_database.
[EventScripts] Loaded corelib/keyrand
[EventScripts] Loaded corelib/exp
[EventScripts] Loaded corelib/isnumerical
[EventScripts] Loaded corelib/quickcmd
[EventScripts] Loaded corelib/escinject
[EventScripts] Loaded corelib/getplayercount
[EventScripts] Loaded corelib/queue
[EventScripts] Loaded corelib/vecmath
[EventScripts] Loaded corelib/usermsglib
[EventScripts] Loaded corelib/inrange
[EventScripts] Loaded corelib/entitylib
[EventScripts] Loaded corelib/es_install
Loaded: addons/eventscripts/corelib/interfaces/AuthorizationService/es_AuthorizationService_db.txt
[EventScripts] Loaded corelib/clientcmd
CSS:RPG Warning: No file variable database located at '/home/joachim/srcds_1/cstrike/cfg/cssrpg/filevars.txt', using default values
maxplayers set to 14
Network: IP, mode MP, dedicated Yes, ports 27015 SV / 27005 CL
Loaded plugin "/home/joachim/srcds_1/cstrike/addons/metamod/bin/"
[EventScripts] Map Loading Mattie's EventScripts plugin...
Python|Objects to be freed: (479, 1, 2)
Python|Freed: 0
[EventScripts] Loaded successfully.
ES_TOOLS : loading sequence - 2.
ES_TOOLS : Loading events stored in addons/est/es_tools.res
ES_TOOLS : hooked command changelevel @ 0x8f6e128
ES_TOOLS : hooked command est_ShowMenu @ 0x8f6e168
ES_TOOLS : hooked command es_menu @ 0x8f6fae8
ES_TOOLS : hooked command ma_msay @ 0x8f6fb28
ES_TOOLS : Hooking all FCVAR_CHEAT flagged commands on the server.
ES_TOOLS : Finished the delayed loading block.
EST loaded weapon mods successfuly
************* Mani Admin Plugin Level Init *************
Searching for game type [Counter-Strike: Source]
Found gametypes for Counter-Strike: Source
Linux binary @ ./cstrike/bin/
Error: Material "sprites/tp_beam001" : proxy "AnimatedTexture" not found!
Attempting to load [./cfg/mani_admin_plugin/language/language.cfg]
Language to be used [english]
Host_Error: Bad string:

Add "-debug" to the ./srcds_run command line to generate a debug.log to help with solving this problem
Mon Sep  7 22:53:15 CEST 2009: Server restart in 10 seconds
Mon Sep  7 22:53:18 CEST 2009: Server Quit

Har mani filen engelska finns och du kan prova att installera mani för att vara ärlig vi behöver mer information för att hjälpa dig vad distributioner använder du och vilket system specifikationer
fjern cssrpg.

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