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Memory Error
hi all

im tring to run a css server for my mate and have had no probs for 5 days or so. however over the last few days my server crashs with a memory error every hour!!!! and its annoying me now! any ideas?
Bots, custom maps, bots on custom maps, dodgy plugins.

Hopefully that reinstall should do the trick Wink Gaming Servers
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maybe the latest mani mod? as far as im aware thats all thats running on it?
Mani mod shouldnt cause the leak as it is very heavly tested. However scripts on evenscripts, bots, custom maps, and bots on custom maps as stealth said can do this.

I recomend you use server checker, which restarts the server if the program does not get a reply in a set time:
I am having the same Problem, And it started after i added, Bots.
My server crashes liek 12 hrs after it Starts up with a memory error... how do bots cause this problem?
or is is not the bots?
sometimes, bots on certain custom maps will create a "bad" .nav file. And it'll be fine the first time around, but if the maps change and go back to that map with the bad .nav file, it will crash the server.

A good example that I have seen for this on linux is glasstrap_final
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