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For a while, a few months maybe, my L4D server has been filled up with random players even though sv_steamgroup_exclusive is set to 1 and the steam group id is set. I assumed it was something valve messed up and would fix, so I forgot about it. I assume this is somewhat common, but I didn't find much help from a search of these forums.
It is working, but i think you need to put it to "2" if you want only people from your group. Also did you remember to add the community id?
Maybe I wasn't completely clear. A few months ago it was working as it should. If the server was empty, you had to be in my steam group to join the server. After there are people in it, anyone can join. Recently, this stopped working and anyone can join at any time. I remember that there are 5 settings for sv_steamgroup_exclusive (0-4). 0 is off, 1 is as described above, 2 is only people from the group can join, and I don't remember 3 and 4. I have a list of all the cvars, but the description is cut off before it gets to the details of the settings. The "steam group id is set".
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i would like to know this too
i found some post that read,

"-- Do not connect to the Match Making Service
-- 0 = Off
-- 1 = On
sv_steamgroup_exclusive 0"

but what does that mean? Is it off so that no strangers can join my server at 0? Or is it on? I mean to say, if I want random people to be joining which setting would I use?

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