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which is the best linux
hey i have one question and i wounder which is the best linux to run a ds ??

personal preference
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inc0gs is right, this is far too subjective a question to answer. Its like asking "What car should I buy?"; it depends what you want it for, how much your budget is, what your experience is.

I personally use Slackware, which is specifically designed for Servers, however there is very little in the way of GUI handholding. If you are not afraid to RTFM though, it will be a very stable and simple/easy to use server. If you don't want to start learning about *NIX and just want a Linux Server, then I would suggest you try something like Fedora (Red Hat's free version), or Debian. If you can expand a little more then we might be able to offer a few more insights. Welcome to the wonderful world of Linux Servers!
well id always go with a source compile distrobution over a binary distribution as the level of optimization is much greater, i prefer gentoo for a source compiled distro and debian for a well working stable binary distro

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