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Newb server questions
First off let me say thanks for this site. Any help is much appreciated.

I have never hosted a valve game, and have a few questions. I am still researching ded. server issues to possibly host in the near future, and hope i don't sound too dumb Sad

1. We have a ded. server in San Diego running other games and I am in another state (2 computers 1 copy of game). Can I throw my copy of HL2 onto the server to host, and still use my steam account to play the game? (i think valve has issues with multiple computers or ip's for accounts not sure). or do i need to buy another game for the ded server?

2. Does hosting a ded server need a cd in the drive? obviously we don't have access to the host computer physically. Is there a work around for this?

3. Do I need a vid card to host? our server only has onboard MB video.

4. Are there admin tools that I can download and admin the server from my webpage? (including, punt, ban, send text message etc).

5. How many servers could i host? i.e. only 1 CSS or HL2DM type, or can i host multiple instances of each game type?

6. How much bandwith would a CSS or HL2DM game type cost me in bandwith mthly?

7. any other issues i may have?

8. any good links (besides the tutorials at

Thanks in advance, any help is much appreciated.
1. Server doesn't need a copy of your HL2. You download the server and run it.

2. No

3. No. server uses basic console.

4. I use csadmin by Thorn -

5. Depends on what specs the box has
1. Follow the tutorials on the site, to create/download a ded server from valve is free and the account setup is free. We have a few servers and downloading + updating the source servers is a piece of piss.

2. Nope ^^^ see above

3. No, you can run through the steam GUI or use -console command line parameter to run in a boring old dos box.

4. So far i havnt heard of any, but i havnt been looking. All is done through rcon and the source rcon protocol is quite well known. These tools arnt far away (if they arnt already here).

5. You can host multiple instances, you can even run css and hl2dm from the same folder. hl2dm is cappet at 16 players and is a right resource hog too. css is more refined.

6. With a ded server you usually get a few hundred gb monthly bandwidth, its hard to reach this with gaming servers. Someone else will be able to give you a more precise figure.

7. None i can think of, just follow the tutorials and post here for help.

8. Dunno CoolCool Gaming Servers
Licensed Ventrilo Host - AA Honor Provider - Great Service & Prices

Our CS: DM server runs full 24/7 with 16 people max. It pulls about 150-200GB per month. Keep in mind we have some custom maps and sounds which add to the total transfer (not much... I'd say 50GB or so).
thanks for all the responses.

we got a HL2DM up and a CSS. both to try out. both working flawless.

only other question I may have is when we start adding custom maps.

thanks again for all the help.

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