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Installing a SRCDS Windows Server for several games
Hi all,

I am new to the subject of servers and yes i have read the faq and tutorials which are extremely helpful and a wealth of information!

One question that i must ask is simply:

I have a dual xeon machine that i want use as a lan server and dedicated server for games. This will only be used in a lan environment.

The idea is to have a variety of servers such as LFD running and the like.

If it can't run them all at once then aslong as it can run them when and as needed.

I have installed the console versions of L4d, TF2 and CS:S all to C: foldered directories with update tools in each one.

However, does steam have the ability to utilise the dedicated server tools in steam to run straight to console?

Basically sometimes i use the machine to play games on but this will never be the case as hosting at the same time.

So it will either be a server at a lan or a gaming machine at home.

Therefore is there a way to use the normal client file installed in the steam directory to run the console versions or is it the console only versions as it as it where has 2 copies of the 3 games one in steam and one in C: for srcds.

Finally i have separated all the installs into 3 different directories all with the update tool installed and console files. Should they all be together?

I really appreciate your help and thanks for reading my post.

Server OS: Windows Xp sp3
Processor:XEON Nocona Dual processor board both matched with 800mhz and 1mb l2 cache with HT
Ram: 3gb ddr 400(max 4gb board)
Game(s): L4d, CSS, TF2
Start Up Command: Deafult to run console server
Admin Mods: None at present simple console install
Just keep the servers in their own folders and don't worry about steam.
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grab the server files using the HLDSUpdateTool.exe, then add a command line to each of them using a different LAN IP, and configure from there.
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