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I recently downloaded the latest version of sourcemod but when I load it to my server and then write in chat "ff" and "thetime" i see the response messages "[SM] Friendly Fire is enabled" and
"[SM] The current server time is 09/03/2009 - 00:33:58" TWO TIMES!!!Why that happened to me and please give me instructions on how to fix it soon!
Thanks in advance!!!
Did you install it twice? It's a rather common problem. As SourceMod actually leaves a .vdf file insite the addons/metamod folder.

And I bet you've wrote something insite the metaplugins.ini to load SourceMod?
I tried deleting the sourcemod.vtf file and leaving the text "addons/sourcemod/bin/sourcemod_mm" at metaplugins.ini but the problem still exists.Also tried to delete the above line and using only the sourcemod.vdf file,I see these messages double again.Also tried to delete both the line and the sourcemod.vdf and the mod does not load at all.Please is there any way to fix it?Thanks in advance
Delete it all, then just extract it. So it only will load with the .vdf.
its double loading check if you placed it twice in the meta load
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I recently noticed that Eventscripts v2 beta causes the double chat messages,because I installed the older version and the problem fixed.But I really need Eventscripts v2 beta because they support a script that the older version of Eventscripts cannot open.So,what is exaply happened here?How eventscripts are related to sourcemod causing double chat messages?
Which version of eventscripts beta do you have? The latest one? or 250
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I have eventscripts 200beta2_250i.What are the latest ones? And were to download them,send me a link Smile.I think that the latest version of them don't mix up with sourcemod chat,do they?
"meta list" at the server console gives you all loaded plugins, it should be listed twice if double loaded.
but you should also check if the plugins inside sourcemod are not loaded twice. if you have the same plugin under different names (in the plugins directory of sourcemod) it will be loaded twice. you can check this with "sm plugins list". (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
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