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My server isnt showing up
Im running windows xp and i cant get my game to show up on the main list. i dont use the command line to start the server because it makes it a lan game so i use the thing in the srcds folder that starts the steam thing that lets u start an internet game and i can join it but i dont see it on the list. how can i get it to show up???
By the way i can add it in my favorites and it works fine but it doesnt show up on the server list
Try searching the forum for topics FIRST!!!
There is already at least TWO topics exactly like this one written by people that have the excact same problem!
ive been searching for 2 days and havent found anything so please post a link or something
If you've been searching for two days and haven't found anything I must say you aren't good at searching.
Here are some links I found searching for less than 5 min:
I was experiencing the same problem of not having my linux dedicated server showing up in the 'Internet' tab and began an exhausting trial and error process to determine the problem (router, ports, server.cfg, etc).

When I finally determined that my setup was correct as is, I started playing around with the search filters in the game. After taking off the latency and location filters my server showed up.

CoolI would leave these filters off until you are sure the server is showing up. It probably won't be that simple for some, but at least you can rule it out anyway. I hope this helps someone.

also.. if your server is on your home network.. it might not show up on the internet list for you... some routers dont like the same signal they just sent out comming right back...
I'm with skeletor. I have a server setup and from any computer inside my lan behind my netgear fsv318 vpn firewall i can't even add my server using its external IP address. The only way I can access it is through the lan address behind the firewall. Other people can access it using the external IP / dns hostname from anywhere outside the web.

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