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srcds 3945 sound problems
updated my css server two days ago and now many players says that they have problems with sound.
problems are: no death sound, and sometimes shot sounds disappear
before update were no problems at all..

a tried to delete all server files and downloaded they again with hldsupdatetool, but it doesnt solve the problem.
i 'm not sure that problem was caused by this update, because i didnt save binaries of older version and i cant roll back to be sure that probled related to this update

installod addons:
sourcemod 1.2.3
metamod 1.7.1
nothin else. i tried to unload all plugins from server but problem didn't dissapear

maybe somebody can send me binaries of older version, please ?

p.s. sorry for my bad english Smile
Could be a problem with the server, since if it is laggy. These things will appear.
i wrote that few days ago was no problem at all!
and i noticed that some playes also have no problems,such as me.

i set up my server perfectly.

can you send me version 3698 binaries?
I don't have them, sorry.
Try updating with a -verify_all
Using old binaries will prevent people from joining.
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already tried! a deleted all server files and downloaded it again

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