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What settings
i have a dedicated server

amd64 3000+
80gb hdd
100mbit port

and were expiriencing lag, we run 2 20man css servers and 1 12man css all fo which are tickrate 33

now to sort the lag whats sort of settings should we use/what tickrate could we get awayw ith using on that sort of spec for all 3 servers?
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Are you sure the lag is due to your hardware/settings. Could it be from not enough bandwidth? Any bots on the server? Any other background services (psychostats, etc.)? rate settings?
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onlt thing running is mani mod, we have plenty of bandwidth still, as for rates:

sv_maxrate 20000
sv_minrate 4000
sv_maxupdaterate 100
fps_max 600

tickrate 33
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Plenty of bandwidth means you have a 100 mbps upload? or a 5 mbps upload?
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the server comes deault with 1000gb bandwidth and seeing as the only thing using the sevr currently is bots as no ones plays on it im pritty sure we have plenty left

as for settings. well.............
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he didnt ask how many gb theres left, how many mbit does your server has to connect to the internet? 100mbit?

lag can be caused by many reasons.
im asuming you run linux or you would be posting in the wrong place Toungue

what map is running? whats the speed of all the players, big maps/small maps. settings of clients.

os related could be version of kernel, glibc.

what kind of startup command do you use, pingboost can be laggy.

more info!
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