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How many people?
I wanna know how many people i can stand..and at which tickrate

Processor : Intel® COte™2 CPU E8400 @
3.00GHz 3.00Ghz
Ram: 4gb
Windows 7 64 bit

Nvidia Geforce 9800

[Image: 551473918.png]

did i forgot something? :S
Yes you did. What game? What tickrate?
CSS .....whats the best tickrate? for me
Well best tickrate is 100TICK.

But you do not have that much upload. So going with a lower tickrate will be better.(66tick eventually 33tick)

What do you want of tickrate?
#5 in greece internet sucks...we all know it
in different countrys like NY etc..they got 5 mb upload WTF
..i hate greece

1)if i had 33 many people?
2)if i had 66 many people?
3)if i had 100 many people?
At 100tick approximately ~ less than 7players. Maybe more if your rates are low.

At 66tick approximately ~ less that 10players maybe more if your rates are low.

At 33tick approximately ~ less that 14players maybe more if your rates are low.

I run a 28slot server with 33tick with sv_maxrate 12500. If I set it like sv_maxrate 12550, the pings will be shit.
k thanks...what i need to upgrade to make players+++
internet speed for sure...
and my pc or only internet speed?
Your PC is fine. Only your internet/upload speed.

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