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Server wouldn't run on port 27015
Server OS: Debian (lenny), 64 bit
Processor: Intel Pentium D, 2 cores, 3ghz.
Game(s): Counterstrike Source
Start Up Command: screen -S css ./srcds_run -console -game cstrike +map surf_10x_final +maxplayers 30 -ticrate 33 -port 27015
Admin Mods: Mani, SourceMod and Metamod (for DM mod), css:rpg, css:noblock

The problem: Couple days ago, my css server wouldn't show anymore in the list of servers at home. I run it in a screen so I reattached to the screen.

I started debugging and trying to find out where it went wrong. I first tought: my provider has blocked this port for my ip, so quickly set up a webserver (rails mongrel) to check if that can run on port 27015 and if I could reach it at home and it did work.
So then I was wondering what else can block port 27015 for my ip? Steam itself was the only reasonable solution. So I googled a lot for "steam server blacklistings" and things like that but haven't found any official thread about it.

After 3 days I rerun the command and all the sudden my server shows up in the list again. Any toughts which might have caused this?
Yes i do my friendly friend
it means that when you restarted the server, the server didnt close properly, well the port
The port was still being used, So you just have to wait a few minutes for the port to stop being used and then you may be able to use it Smile

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