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Please help me understand -tickrate 100
Ok guys,

How exactly do I check what my current tickrate is?
I have full access to a dedicated server, not just some game server that i have to call a company to make anything happen.

I have read the fourms reguarding the tickrate and I am still wondering if I have done it right and if so how do I check it..

I have set the fps to 600 and got that working just fine...

Here is what is in my windows2003 server scrds command line parmiter...

D:\SOURCE\srcds.exe -tickrate 100 +fps_max 600 -autoupdate -pingboost 3 +

I tried putting -console in but when I did that, a black box came up and the server was loaded and it showed me that i have around 500 fps, but it would not let me into the game or even show that is was responding inmy favorites...

This is a pic of my net_graph 3, I have no idea what this means either...

[Image: netgraph31jf.jpg]

Can you tell what my current tickrate is by looking at this, and if so how, what are you looking at, what does it mean..

Can someone please explain it to me in dumb man's terms....PLZ?

When I try to scrim ppl tell me that I have a crappy server, but they never tell me why...

If you need more info just tell me and I will provide it...

Thank you..Wink
If your -tickrate is set to 100, then it is 100. Will not change.

If you've got Mani Admin Plugin, you can write "ma_version" (without the quotes) and it will tell you.

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