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Mani Admin Plugin Update! #2
[Image: mani_admin_plugin_hotfix_sign.png]

Isias Wrote:- Update -
Binary update released - Mani Admin Plugin V.1.2 BetaS - Hotfix - 2.


Compiled against an older version of glibc, Mani should start on Linux Servers running an older glibc version
Fixed a bug causing Dod:S / TF2 to crash on Mapchange if the menu is open
Fixed adverts.txt not ignorring header informations (// not ignorred)

After installing, ma_version should reply with
Mani Admin Plugin 2009 V1.2BetaS-hotfix-2 VSP,
If you just want to update from 1.2 Beta S - Hotfix to 1.2 Beta S - Hotfix - 2, just replace your addons folder and restart your server.

In order to deal with the latest updates for TF2 and DoD:S, a Mani Admin Plugin V.1.2 Beta S Hotfix has been released by Mani, Keeper, fuxx and the rest of the development Team. We also want to thank AC|Malak101 for putting time and effort in testing this release.

This should fix the most urgend issues with the latest updates as well as fix some of the most urgent bugs.

Also, as a lot of .cfg and .txt files have been changed for this hotfix release, in order to fit the expectations for the upcoming Mani Admin Plugin V1.2 Beta T release. Therefore, there will be no patch file for this release. So it is recommended to backup your files prior to overwriting them and reconfigure your custom changes to the new .txt and .cfg files.

Major Bugfixes:
  • Fixed Mani Admin Plugin to work with the latest TF2/DOD:S update - fixed by Keeper (and by SourceMM crew and others)
  • Fixed a crash in Orange Box VSP - fixed by Keeper
  • Fixed a bug causing Mani to crash on Windows (Cs:S Listenserver & Dedicated Server Tool) -fixed by Keeper & Mani
  • Fixed Valve Bug closing the menu all 4 seconds in Orange Box Games - fixed by Fuxx
  • Update the SMM versions to use the SourceMM 1.7 release - fixed by Keeper & Fuxx
  • Fixed ma_showrestrict crashing servers if run through console -fixed by Mani
  • Fixed buy_weapon awp etc. exploit to circumvent the weapon restriction managment - fixed by fuxx
  • Fixed the "unconnected" setinfo name "" exploit - fixed by Keeper
  • Fixed fire sound still being played even though the fire event already ended - fixed by Keeper
New features:
  • Added ToC to mani_server.cfg - Implemented by PatPeter & Isias
  • Added ToC to mani_quake_sounds.cfg - Implemented by Isias
  • Added infos to .txt files to meet the new layout of the new mani_server.cfg and have them all in the same layout

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