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getting server to run in secure mod

i downloaded hlds

im running a cs source server and i would like it to run in secure mode can somone help thanks

i have tried -secure in the command line no luck

There is no VAC for CS:S yet. Thus, there is no secure mode.
Have a look on for third party blacklist support. If you want tighter anti-cheat try Cheating Death at (be warned that CD requires all your players to download a client before they can use your server).

Failing that you'll just have to wait with the rest of us for VAC (which I'm reliably informed is nearly readyCool ).
couldnt see anything on UA, but does CD support source? Gaming Servers
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Try As far as I know CD works with source (HLGuard doesn't unfortunately).

The only catch is that apparently CD is incompatible with VAC. So when the latter arrives you will have to decide which one you want to use.

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