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[resolved]SRCDS & Windows 7 = Lag?
I'm noob that doesn't want to be friend with Linux Smile and as result I'm running 3 CS:S servers on windows. Recently I switched to Windows 7 to lower system resource usage in compare to Vista. But unfortunately everyone on the server fill some kind of lag, FPS is always 500-1000, 100 tick as supposed to but everyone moves a bit leggy and doors are opening just too slow.
Is there any problem with SRCDS running on Windows 7?

Server OS: Windows 7 32bit
Processor: AMD Phenom II X4 955 BE (3.2GHz).
Ram: 2x1GB DDR800
Game(s): 3x CS:S.
Start Up Command: srcds.exe -hipesize 262144 -console -port 27015 -steamport 27016 -game cstrike -tickrate 100 +fps_max 1000 -secure +maxplayers 33 +map de_dust2
Admin Mods: MetaMod:Source v1.7.1V, FPS Boost (1.0) by sslice, Stripper (1.2) by BAILOPAN, SourceMod (1.2.1) by AlliedModders LLC
Try to run at a lower FPS.

To fix the doors use in your server.cfg.
phys_timescale 1.5
Thanks, I will play myself in the evening and tell if it helped.
Okay Smile
Thanks one more time, I made a vote yesterday and most players agreed that the lag is gone.
But it’s still strange that the with the same server config physics slowed down on vista->7 switch.
thats because...generally vista needs ram(i think)
2 gb ram..its not enough for vista or windows 7....make them 4 gb..and you will see...(it just...30-50 dollars)..and its pretty easy to install them alone..
thats all for me..
sorry if i said something...(bullshit) Toungue
I meant that I was using Vista for more than a year and it worked fine. The slowing down issue appeared on Win 7. The lag was not the kind that appears from swapping, it was like that if there was not enough CPU, but CPU load stated extremely low.
And ram isn't much of a problem for SRCDS, they don’t take a lot of it, generally, I get 800MB or more free. Also I'm using Raptor to speed up my swaps. Smile

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